A very special place!
Busy Bee is hands down the best day care around. Ms Nicole is experienced and confident with children. She works hard at planning out activities for the day - the kids never sit idle or in front of the TV. She is big on helping the kids learn to communicate and express themselves and while promoting manners and kindness.  My daughter (23 months) has completely flourished while at Busy Bee. Her language skills, vocabulary and articulation are amazing. She loves going there and has clearly developed strong attachments to her friends there, to which I credit Ms Nicole. She even asks where her friends on the weekends!  Ms Nicole acts and feels like a parenting partner. She is great with updates for the day, tracking behavior and activities and she even sends weekly pictures to everyone.  You won't go wrong with Ms Nicole. She's a keeper!   8/6/2010 Marci N.

Look no further, excellent daycare provider!!
Busy Bee daycare was our son's home away from home. This was our 1st daycare experience and we were the typical worried parents. Ms. Nicole is so experienced that she was able to calm our nerves immediately. She would text us our son's status, which put our minds at ease. She provided daily reports of his behavior, eating and activitives. Our son came home happy every time. The experience altogether was incredible. I would reccommend for full time or part time services.  Jennifer M. 7/19/2010

Your kids will love it!
I have had both my children at Busy Bee. Nicole is very caring, generous, flexible, and understanding. I feel she is always looking out for the best for the children. I really appreciate the toys and activities that she plans out for the kids. They always seem to be having a great time! She also does a fantastic job of introducing the older toddlers to letters, crafts, and music. The facility is always clean and there is a large backyard for the children to run around and play in. The icing on the cake is the weekly photos that she shares on Shutterfly so you can see what fun the kids were having when they were with Nicole. It's really a GREAT daycare! In a heartbeat I would refer anyone to Busy Bee. Jchung 1/9/2009